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TOP 5, Most Scary Places in Bangkok, Close Your Eyes, Scream Out Loud and Run!

Visit Bangkok scariest places, bring your ghost buster friends!


1. Abandoned House, Ramkamhang 32
What Happened? : The owner of this house is a foreigner. One day he out for work and left his servant alone in his house, she was murdered and robbed. Since then, there’s a screaming voice from the house, also the shadow of the lady, walking around the house.

2. Old Bus Garage, Soi Sai Yud
What Happened? : This old bus garage is for all buses that been into the severe accident, every single buses that left here have their own history, many people died in these buses. All the visitors usually face with the ghosts and spirits both in human form and sounds, some sitting on the bus, some was crossing the road and some calling the taxi to get inside the garage.


3. Abandoned Ball Pen Factory, Pattanakarn
What Happened? : This 80-Rai Ball Pen Plant was abandoned many years ago. It was a sorrowful accident that took many people’s lives. All visitors said that once they stepped into this plant, they felt that the temperature is suddenly cold. There’s a legend said that if you knock on the water tank 3 times, there will be a spirit visible in sight.

4. Haunted House, Soi Watcharapon
What Happened? : A huge European Style House which is not yet completed the construction, abandoned for years. Many people saw the spirits of a man and his wife with a kid. There’s a story that been told about this house that the reason there are ghosts here is because once this house was belonged to one family, and this family died in the car accident on their way back home.

haunted 1

5. Another Haunted House, Piyaporn Village, Soi Watcharapon
What Happened? : People said the land was the graveyard before becoming the village. The project owner did not ritualize or paid any respects to the spirits before starting the construction. This caused many obstacles happened to the project, many workers died by the unknown accidents and their spirit still haunting any body who dare to visit.

 **For precautions, it will be better to stay away from haunted houses.  The place can be very dangerous, as all of them are abandoned and falling apart.**

Dare to stay nearby these places ?

These are the hotels that nearby the haunted houses in Bangkok ;

Abandoned Ball Pen Factory

Royal Pacific Bangkok HotelPatra Bangkok Hotel,Kantary House Serviced Apartment and 13 Coins Airport Grand Resort . Let us know of your staying experiences !

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