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The Breathtaking View in Chiang Mai Thailand


Why don’t you stop by for a little while to see the stunning mountains in Chiang Mai Thailand…

Aden Grape Farm is located in Mae Rim District in Chiang Mai Province the North of Thailand. Aden Grape Farm is popular tourist attractions in Mae Rim Chiang Mai. There is open for the visitors who want to tasted the grape and strawberry, the fee 20 baht person only, this farm is also the way to go to Mon Jam Hill. At Mon Jam Hill there also has many beautiful accommodations available for visitor, you can choose to stay in resort or camping outdoor. Next to Mon Jam Hill you can visit Mon Muan Hill the popular place it surrounding by forest, mountain, natural it’s very romantic place for honeymoon couples

Outher attractions near Mon Jam Hill; Mon Hing Dao about 1 Kilometer from Mon Jam, Mon Ta Won about 500 maters from Mon Jam, The beautiful hill to see sunflowers in Chiang Mai, Mon View Garm about 1 Kilometer from Mon Jam, Mon Hmong about 4 Kilometer from Mon Jam.

Location: Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province .
How to get there: The same way go to Mon Jam Hill


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