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Check this out – The Panoramic Views at Doi Phu Wae in Nan

Doi Phu Wae

Take a wonderful trip to Doi Phu Wae in Nan

Doi Phu Wae is located in Khun Nan district in Nan Province, it is one of the mountain peaks in Doi Phu Ka National Park. Doi Phu Wae is a 1837 meter high grassy world, it is one of the most distinctive looking peaks on Doi Phu Ka. Formerly, there were only a few group of visitors who successfully made their way up to the peak, as it is a precipitous and long climb. At present, Doi Phu Wae has become so well-known that more and more visitors are finding their way to the top. The popular starting point of the journey to Doi Phu Wae is at Ban Dan which is 50 kilometers away from the national park office. Doi Phu Wae allows visitors to enjoy panoramic views, especially a view of mountain mist during the dawn and dusk which is the wonderful sight. The best moment of the day is at dusk in winter. Doi Phu Wae has beauty natural which is worth to visit, moreover in Doi Phu Ka has other tourist attractions such as Pha Phueng Cave, View Point and Star Point Yard, Nam Wa Rafting and etc. So if you visit Thailand do not MISS out on visiting Doi Phu Wae in Nan Province, you will enjoy and fascinate with the nature there.

Location : Located in Khun Nan District in Doi Phu Ka National Park in Nan Province.
Getting there : Take a bus from Mo Chit Bus Terminal (Northern Route) or rent a van/car to Doi Phu Wae
Appropriate time : In cool season from November to February.

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