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The Beautiful Crystal Calcite Cave – Kaew Komol Cave

Kaew Komol Cave

Take a wonderful trip to Kaew Komal Cave – Mae Hong Son

Kaew Komol Cave is located in Mae La Noi district in Mae Hong Son Province, it is an ancient calcite cave. It is the only one calcite cave in Southeast Asia and was discovered by Mae Hong Son official engineering officer. Kaew Komal Cave has lots of calcite crystals on the walls and ceiling. The crystals have various shapes such as Prismatic, Form, Rhombohedron and Scalenohedron which are looking like cauliflower, coral and ceiling lamp in different color. The main cave has been explored and found that there are 5 internal rooms in which the fifth room, the farthest one inside, is the most beautiful because of the richness of crystal calcite and that still increase day by day. Kaew Komal Cave is a popular attraction in the northern of Thailand when you visit inside the cave, you must take off your hat, coat, bag and do not touch the crystal calcite as well. This cave is very worth to visit, you will spectacular and fascinate with the colorful of crystal calcite at Kaew Komal Cave in Mae Hong Son.


Location : Located in Mae La Noi district in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand.
Getting there : Rent a car or a van to Kaew Komol Cave.
Open daily : From 08.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Admission fee : 80 baht/person that includes the truck service up and down the steepest hill from the ticket booth.

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