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An Amazing Market in Samut Songkram – Maeklong Market

Maeklong Market

Let’s get a different experience – Maeklong Market.

Maeklong Market is located directly on a set of operational railway track in Samut Songkram Province, it is a very popular market with the local. Maeklong Market is one of the most interesting outdoor market in Thailand, it is a wonderful place where the railway can goes through the market. When the warning bell rings, the vendors begin to quickly move their stuff away from edge of the track and when the train leaves, the market unfolded in a magical display within seconds the market was thriving once again. Tourist will have much time to explore the market before the train turns around again. Maeklong Market has many kinds of fresh food, fresh seafood, fruits, Thai desserts, vegetables and herbs including clothes and accessories. The most famous food that you must taste is Maeklong mackerel The train runs through it 8 times a day, if you would like to visit the market you can follow schedule time: 06.20 am, 08.30 am, 09.00 am, 11.10 am, 11.30 am, 14.30 pm, 15.30 pm and 17.40 pm. So do not MISS out no visiting Maeklong Market, you will fascinate and like this market.

Location : Located directly on a set of operational railway track in Samut Songkram Province.
Getting there : Take a train form Wong Wian Yai station and get off at Mahachai station then take a ferry to Tha Chalom for take a train to Maeklong. Take a van from Victory Monument to Maeklong Market
Open daily : From 05.00 am to 6.00 pm.

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