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A Famous Attraction in Samut Songkram – Don Hoi Lot

Don Hoi Lot

Have you ever been there ? – Don Hoi Lot

Don Hoi Lot is a sandbar at the mount of Maeklong River in  Samut Songkram Province, it is a famous attraction. Don Hoi Lot created by sedimentation of sandy soil or khee ped sand, Don Hoi Lot has the largest population of this shell species which is endemic to the northern Gulf of Thailand. It occupies a huge area around 3 kilometers wide and 5 kilometers long. There are 2 places: Don Nok and Don Nai which located at the mount of Maeklong  Gulf and Don Nai which located at the beach in Chu Chi Village. Travel by boat to Don at the beach in Chu Chi Village. Bang Chakreng. And more of the Beach Village, Bo Kaeo can go by car. The delta has many types of shellfish live razor clam, clam shells, Puk Hoipakeped and cockle shells. Highlights are the attractions of this second type of razor clam shells to cover the color white tube like a shell coffee Embedded in the lane. Catch razor clams. To catch in the water. Using small size wooden incense stick dipped in lime and then make a hole into razor clams. Mount mortar shells will then pop up to catch and do not splash onto the lime bar because of shellfish living in the area died out. The best time to Don Hoi Lot is from March to May because the water will decrease over time and can see the delta appeared as well.
Let’s have fantastic experience at Don Hoi Lot.


Location : Located at the mount of Maeklong River in Samut Songkram, Thailand.
Getting there : Take a van from Victory Monument to Don Hoi Lot.
Appropriate time : From March to May.

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