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Superb Flora and Fauna at Sri Nan National Park – Nan

Sri Nan National Park

Visiting the wonderful natural – Sri Nan National Park

Sri Nan National Park is located in areas of Na-Muen District, Na-Noi District, and Vieng-Sa District of Nan Province. The park was formerly called Mae Sakorn national park. The area of Sri Nan National Park is around 583,750 rais or 934 square kilometers and the geographic features consist of mountains, virgin forests, and all extending northwards towards the Nan River. There are 2 major kinds’ forests within the area such as evergreen forests, pine, etc. The National Park is the habitat place for a large number wild animals and major plants, moreover, it has many tourist attractions and wonderful natural sightseeing spots on both sides of Nan River like Kaeng Luang , Doi Pha Choo, Pak Nai, Doi Samer Dao view point, etc. For the weather, Sri Nan National Park can be divided in to 3 seasons are summer(March to May) when the weather is extremely hot, rainy season(June to October) when it rains reasonably to heavily and winter(November to February)  when is the weather is cool. In the national park, you can have a camping but you have to take your own tent and equipment and a shop is available as well.

Location : Located in areas of Na-Muen District, Na-Noi District, and Vieng-Sa District of Nan Province, Thailand
Getting there : Take a bus from the northern bus terminal from Mo Chit to Nan then get off at Wiang Sa district and transfer to passenger bus Wiang Sa – Na Noi – Na Meun then get off at Ban Mai junction. From here rent a minibus to the park.
Appropriate time : From November to February

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