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The Fabulous Scenic Point of Mae Moei National Park in Tak


Mae Moei National Park is located in Mae U-su Sub-district, Maesong Sub-district and Thasongyang District in Tak Province Northern Thailand. The area of Mae Moei National Park near border Myanmar which is divide between Moei River.
Mae Moei is well known for the most beautiful sea fog with scenery views of nature in the North of Thailand. Mae Moei surrounded by nature of mountain range, wildlife such as deers, cervus eldi, beautiful viewpoint spots, the Mae Moei allow visitors for fun activity like nature trail study, trekking and will lead by the officer of national park.

Mon Pui Moak.
The beautiful viewpoint area for watching sunrise and sunset on Mae Moei mountain, Visitor will need to walk from national park it takes 4-5 hours by foot only, visitor also need to prepare tent and foods for stay overnight. ( 2 days 1 night)
*Should contact the officer for trekking.

Mae Moei National ParkInto Mae Moei National Park are 4 location for scenic point can reach by car.
1. Mon Kcru Ba Sai.
Watch the wonderful sea fog with breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset just 7 Kilometers from National Park.

2. Mon Phun Su Da.
The stunning viewpoint next to Mon Kcru Ba Sai 200 maters only. it’s beautiful spot for seeing sea fog on Mae Moei.

3. Mon Kio Lom
The most wonderful scenic point for watching sunrise on Mae Moei, it’s 940 above sea level, visitor can see the sea fog covered all the area of Mea Moei mountain range with the cool weather all year round, can walk from the national park about 12 Kilometers

4.Mon Kra Ting
A famous viewpoint for watching sea fog of Mae Moei National Park.

Mae U-su Cave – It’s also known as UNSEEN THAILAND, allow to visit in the dry season and cool season only.

Mae Salid Noi Waterfall – can walk about 30 minutes from Maemoei National Park headquarters.

Mae Ramaeng Waterfall – Located next to Mon Kio Lom
Chao Doi Waterfall – a mid-size waterfall next to national park, walk by foot about 15 minutes.

Tips: Tourists can camping into Mae Moei National Park (should bring tent and foods) and there are 3 bungalow houses with public rest rooms available near the headquarter .
*Contact the officer for more information. HERE

Location: Tak Province
How to get there:
Can take songthaew (pick up trucks) from Mae Sot district (Tak) to Maesalit Luang Village and then hire car to the Maemoei National Park headquarters.
(picture source: Pinky)


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