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The Beautiful Landscape at Phu Tub Berk – Petchabun

Phu Tub Berk - Petchabun

Take a trip to visit an amazing view at Phu Tub Berk

Phu Tub Berk is located in Tambon Wang in Petchabun Province, it is a high of about 1,768 meters above sea level. Phu Tub Berk has a beautiful landscape with natural mountain forests Sea Mist ice cold and fresh air, it has cool weather all year because of Himalayas. Phu Tub Berk has much breath taking beauty in the mountains area even with the consistent rainfall and damp climate. Moreover, Phu Tub Berk also has other attractions such as The Largest Cabbage Farm, Sea Mist, Sakura Forest and etc. It is one of popular destinations in Petchabun because it has amazing views and the flowers are bloom especially in the cool season, the mountains are  enveloped by a sea of fog from which can see from high up on Phu Tub Berk. The flowers are very bright and beautiful and make small villages look totally charm. So do not miss to visit Phu Tub Berk in Petchabun Province, you will spectacular with the perfect nature and sea mist on the mountain.

Location : Located in Tambon Wang in Petchabun Province, Thailand.
Getting there : Rent a van or drive to Phu Tub Berk is the best way to get there.
Appropriate time :  In the cool season from November to February.

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