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A Superb Terrains of Nam Nao National Park – Phetchabun

Nam Nao National Park

A Truly Natural – Nam Nao National Park

 Nam Nao National Park is located at Amphur  Mueang Lom Sak and happens to be one of the most beautiful national parks in Asia. Additionally, accompanying national parks include Lom Kow in Phetchabun province and Amphur Kornsan within Chaiyaphum province. These popular tourist spots consist of mountainous and its forests provide an important watershed for the surrounding districts. Nam Nao Nationa Park covers a total area of about 966 square kilometers. The unusual and fascinating Park inaugurated on 4th May 1972. The first of Nam Nao contains lots of different forests which include deciduous, evergreen, dipterocarp, pine forest and hill evergreen. The forest structure within Nam Nao provides great shelter for animals like leopards, black bears, tigers, mouse deer, rabbits, etc. Moreover, there are over 200 species of birds as well.  As for its superb weather, the mountains and forests create a cooler climate in the park during the evening and early in morning. The average temperature is 25 degree Celsius. During the cold season temperatures drop down to as low as 0 degrees Celsius.  Besides, there are other attractions within Nam Nao National park like Sai Thong Waterfall, Haew Sai Waterfall, Phu Khor viewpoint, Phu Pha Jit and etc. If you happen to be booking for the perfect combination of nature and peace, Nao National Park is your answer.

Location : Located at Amphur  Mueang Lom Sak and Lom Kow in Phetchabun provice and Amphur Kornsan within Chaiyaphum province, Thailand
Getting there :
Appropriate time
: In the cold season from November to February.

Admission fee :
Adult  200 baht/person
Children  100 baht/person

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