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Let’s Explore the Stunning Archipelago of Similan Marine National Park!


Mu Ko Similan including dive and snorkeling sites around their archipelago.u Ko Similan National Park is located in Phang Nga Province it’s a group of islands in the Andaman Sea, Southern Thailand.
The marine national parks open for the visitors who love to see the beautiful of ocean in Thailand.

Snorkeling spots: Can snorkeling around all of the archipelago similan
especially Ao Hin Bay, Ao Lear Bai Bay, Ao Kwang Aann Bay, Hin Dok Mai and backside of Koh Meang (Island 4)
Scuba diving spots: Koh Bon, Koh Hin Christmas, Koh Hin Fantasea, Ao Kwang Aann Bay, Koh Hin Pousar, Hin Dok Mai, North Koh Meang, Three rock.

Koh Bon Island.
Koh Bon or Koh Talu, the unique nature of beautiful bridge rock, Bon island is suitable for scuba diving and opportunity to see Manta Ray, the diver can most found them here.

Koh 7 and Koh 6 islandsKoh Huyong Island.
Huyong island or Koh One is a large island with the longest clean white sand beach. The island is a place for turtles to come and lay their eggs here. The beautiful of underwater world here invite diver to see an abundance of sea fans and the marine life.

Koh Payan Island
Payan island or Koh Three is rocky with cliffs island, no sand beach, but it’s famous scuba diving spots that can be found a various kinds of fish, the coral reefs and sea fan.

Koh Ha Island.
Koh Ha is a small island but beautiful, the diver can see Garden Eels (a white and grey eels) around the island with beautiful of coral reefs.

Koh Payu Island.
Payu island or Koh Six, the beautiful place both scuba diving and snorkeling sites on the eastern shore of the island. The wonderful coral area in deep sea approximately 20 metres and the north has rocks covered with sea fans.

Hin Pousar Island.
Hin Pouar, Hin Huwagralok or Koh sevan. It’s the unique island with wonders underwater world of similan that it looks like canyon – cave in under the sea. The diver can see soft corals & can be found along the cliffs and there are many types of fish also.

Koh Bangu Island.
Bangu or Koh Nine is a wonderful scuba diving site and known as Christmas point that there is largest rocks in under the sea of Similan islands with plenty of corals and sea fans and great opportunity to see Silvertip Shark.
*The National Park open from November 1 – May 15 every year.
(picture source: SUPERNUTZ – Thank you)


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