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A Magnificent View at Chai Nat Bird Park – Chai Nat

Chai Nat Bird Park - Chai Nat

The Biggest Bird Sanctuary in Asia – Chai Nat Bird Park

Chai Nat Bird Park is located in Khao Plong in the east of downtown Chai Nat. Established in 1973, Chai Nat Bird Park is known to be the biggest bird sanctuary in Asia and is quite a site to see. Covering a total of 260 rais, bird of more than 100 species live in a vast cage and can be observed in their own natural environment. Chai Nat Bird park has around 63 cages in different sizes to house a wide variety species of birds. The park also has an aquarium which has a collection of many kinds of freshwater fish that found in the Chao Phraya River as well. Furthermore, Chai Nat Bird Park has a beautiful garden, explore the artificial waterfall, a rabbit park and wild animal park such as elk deer, hog deer and mountain goat. In the park, there are local products like bird models, and pomelos. A in house store is also available selling a range of souveniors. Chai Nat Bird Park is the perfect destination for animal lovers and shouldn’t be missed!

Location :  Located in  Khao Plong in east of downtown Chai Nat, Thailand
Getting there : Take a van from Victory Monument to Chai Nat Bird Park
Open daily : from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Admission fee :
Adult :  100  baht/person
Children : 50 baht/person

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