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Thai Traditional Temples & Famous Potteries at Koh Kret – Nonthaburi

Koh Kret

Chill Out Trip at Koh Kret – Nonthaburi

Koh Kret or Kret is a tiny island which located in Chao Phraya river in the province of Nonthaburi; it is the largest and the most populous area. Koh Kret is famous for its unique pottery, Mon culture, interesting architecture, several temples and traditional Thai desserts. On the weekends, Koh Kret is packed with Thai couples and families who go across for the day, often to enjoy the famous food.

Koh Kret is mainly from the Mon tribe who used to be the prominent people in Thailand, it has many attractions such as Kwan Aman Pottery Museum, Wat Poramai Yikawat or Wat Pak Ao, OTOP Village, Wat Chimphi, Dessert shop (Ran Khun Aew), etc.

Koh Kret has only a few concrete paths to travel around which are too narrow for cars. Hence the common way of transportation is by bicycle or many villagers use a boat to travel around the island from one part of the island to another. To walk around the whole island which take around 90 minutes. Koh Kret is one of destinations that not far from Bangkok and has interesting architecture, several temples, Thai food and desserts. So do not MISS out on visiting the traditional Koh Kret in Nonthaburi.

Location :  Located in Chao Phraya river in Nonthaburi province
Getting there : Take an Express Boat on the Chao Praya River (the one with the green flag) all the way from Saphan Taksin pier in Bangkok north to Pah Kret pier. The boats only run early in the morning between 6:15 am and 8 am. and return in the afternoon between 3:30 pm and 6 pm. The boat trip takes just over an hour. Take a van from Victory Monument to Pakkret and take the ferry to cross the river to Koh Kret.
Open daily : from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm.

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