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Truly a Natural Place at Ang Ka Luang – Chiang Mai

Ang Ka Luang - Chiang Mai

Take a trip to sightsee amazing Ang Ka Luang in Chiang Mai.

Ang ka Luang is located near the peak of Doi Inthanon and happens to be a peat swamp forest, which is like a natural reservoir that stores seeping underground water, known to locals as Ang Ka Luang. This area boasts a nature trail regarded as one of the best in the country, and this trail is 360 meters long passing through wet and cold areas in a lush valley. Forest above 2,000 meters is covered with lichens and wild orchids. Indigenous plants that needs a high level of nutrition, organic deposits, and rare species of birds are seen along the trail. Moreover, Ang Ka Luang is very popular place for tourists to visit, relax, sightsee and touch a cool weather, it is dubbed as “The Gateway to the Himalayan Ranges ”. There are more nature trails on Doi Inthanon, each providing different views of the diversity of plants, reforestation, the importance of tributaries, the origin of caves, hilltribe agriculture, and birdwatching. Ang Ka Luang is an interesting place to touch a real nature and a great atmosphere, you will fascinate and enjoy with colorful plants, trees and animals.

Location :  Located near Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai, Thaiand
Getting there : Take a taxi or rent a private car to Ang Ka Luang
Appropriate time : From November to April.

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