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The 360 degrees view at Doi Mon Angket – Chiang Mai

Doi Mon Angket - Chiang Mai

A beautiful sunset at Doi Mon Angket – Chiang Mai

Doi Mon Angket is located at Amphur Sa Meung in Chiang Mai Province and is pretty much the peak of the mountain. Doi Mon Angket is considered an off road terrain which passes many villages. Doi Mon Angket is 1,840 meters above the sea level; additionally, this place is under care of the threat sanctuary Mae Sa Meung. The way driving up to the mountain’s narrow and steep who love the mountain, you can see the sea fog and the beautiful scenery 360 degrees which happens to be the highest point. Doi Mon Angket has a cool weather and strong winds in which visitors will notice fogs and be touched by the very cool weather. Doi Mon Angket is one of the most beautiful destinations in Chiang Mai. Between the way pass to Doi Mon Angket, you will find other attractions all the way. Furthermore, Doi Mon Angket is the viewpoint to watch the beautiful sunset and sun rise as well, so take a trip to Doi Mon Angket to see the beautiful landscape and touch a cool weather.

Location : Located at Amphur Sa Meung in Chiang Mai.
Getting there : Rent a 4-wheel car
Appropriate time :  Cool season from December to February

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