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A Large Evergreen Forest at Pala U Waterfall – Hua Hin

Pala U Water - Hua Hin

A Perfect Place With Natural Atmosphere – Pala U Waterfall

Pala U Waterfall is located in Kaeng Krachan National Park which is about 45 miles west of Hua Hin Town and it is one of the biggest waterfalls in Thailand. Pala U waterfall is a 15 tier fall which follows a creek to the Myanmar border. It is actually possible to climb to the top of the falls but majority of the visitors only make it to the third level. Pala U waterfall is deniably one of the best places for eco-tourism where you can gain all five senses of a true forest because the surrounding forest is over thousand years old and is filled with rare wild animals. Near Pala U waterfall is a village called Kareng settled around 200 years ago by people of Burmese origin.  Pala U waterfall is a large evergreen forest with the beautiful fifteen levels waterfall that shares the name as the forest, Pala U waterfall. This is a perfect place for tourists who love trekking adventure in the natural atmosphere and can walk along the side of the waterfall is nothing but the real forest with the complexed stone tiers. Out of the fifteen levels of Pala-U waterfall, visitors are allowed to take a dip in the water at level one to level three which will be safe enough to enjoy the cool water. If you visit Hua Hin, do not MISS to take a trip to Pala U waterfall, you will touch a real nature and a perfect atmosphere.

Location : Located in Kaeng Krachan National Park about 45 miles west of Hua Hin Town in Prachuap khiri khan Province.
Getting there : You can drive a car or get a train from both Hua Lumphong or Bangkoknoi station to Hua Hin station then take a bus route Hua Hin to Pala U
Appropriate time : from August to March

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