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Mon Jam – True Nature in Chiang Mai

Mon Jam - Chiang Mai

A beautiful Nature at Mon Jam – Chiang Mai

Mon Jam is located at Amphur Mae Rim and is slightly far from Chiang Mai with an approximate duration of 40 minutes. This popular tourist destination in Chiang Mai used to be called Kiew Sear and later changed its name as it became part of a Royal Project.Mon Jam is cool all year and foggy in the morning. High season takes place from October to February and it offers a great of the foggy sea over the hill. Sharing beautiful nature and  shining stars in the sky at night, Mon Jam is also near other tourist attractions such as Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Tiger Kingdom, Snake Farm, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, Orchid & Butterfly Farms, etc. Furthermore, Mon Jam is considered a center of development for vegetable winter projects such as mint herbs, rosemary, vegetable salads, tomato, etc. If you travel to Chiang Mai do not MISS to visit Mon Jam as you will receive the true aspect of nature within the perfect atmosphere.

Location : Located at Amphur Mae Rim and far away from Chiang Mai around 40 minutes
Getting there : take a yellow songthaew from town in Chiang Mai 7.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Open daily : from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.

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