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Thailand’s Most Popular Cuisine – Som Tum

Try to taste delicious Isan food – Som Tum

Som Tum or Papaya Salad is has been derived from the Isan culture and is now popular in countries all over the world. Made from shredded unriped papayas mingled with other ingredients like palm sugar, fish sauce, garlic, chilies, dried shrimps, tomatoes, etc. Found everywhere in Thailand, Som Tum is eaten with sticky rice, rice vermicelli, grilled chicken and raw vegetables. Easy to produce, a mortar and pestle are used to grind and combine the ingredients together. In Thailand, there are many types of Som Tums, so this travel guide will guide you some popular types of Som Tum.

1. Som Tum Poo Pla Ra

Som Tum Poo Pla Ra 1










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2. Som Tum Poo

Som Tum Poo 1










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3. Som Tum Thai

Som Tum Thai 1










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4. Som Tum Lao

Som Tum Lao 1










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5. Som Tum Khai Kem

Som Tum Khai Kem 1










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6.Som Tum Sua

Som Tum Sua 1










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