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Take boat along the way to the Stunning Beaches- LIPE ISLAND


Koh Lipe Island is located in Satun province the southern of Thailand, Lipe island is situated in the southern of the Adang-Rawi Archipelago on the Andaman Sea (about 2 kilometers). Koh Lipe Island is well-known for the southernmost beautiful islands for diving and snorkeling sites in Thailand. The locals on Lipe are fishermen or Chao Ley (Orang Laut), around Koh Lipe its surroundings by the beautiful of coral reefs and white sandy beach with crystal clear water.
Koh Lipe just a small island and there are 3 main beaches including; Pattaya Beach or BunDhaYa Beach, Chao Ley Beach or Sunrise Beach and Ao Pramong or Sunset Beach, Tourists can walk to the other beaches which it takes all within 15 – 20 minutes walking distance.

Pattaya Beach or BunDhaYa Beach.
Is situated in the west of Lipe, the beach is most famous and the most beautiful on Lipe island, There is a wide range of accommodation in the resorts style bungalow also with a dozens of bars, restaurants on the beach. Pattaya Beach is very popular for the visitors.

Sunrise Beach or Haad Chao Ley.
Is situated in east of Lipe, the beach is a long stretch of white sandy beach and there a small Chao Ley village located here. Just a few accommodations with a few restaurants and shops can available for tourists. The beach is well-known for watching the beautiful Sunrise on Koh Lipe.

Sunset Beach or Haad Pramong.
Is situated in west to the Butang Islands, The beach is great location for watching the beautiful Sunset here. Pra-mong bay is very quiet and here is good for laid back on Koh Lipe and accommodation ranges from basic huts (bungalows).

Tips: Best time to visit Lipe Island during the dry season from November – May.
Location: Satun Province
How to get there: November – April – Can go by boat from Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta Islands,
May – November – Can go by ferry from Pak Barra Pier at Satun province.
(picture source : shy, raktham)

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