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Trekking to Natural Wonders Landscaping in Chiang Mai – DOI MON JONG



Doi Mon Jong is a very beautiful mountain it’s situated in a middle mountain range Trong Chai road. This mountain ranges is located in Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary the north of Thailand in Chiang Mai Province. Doi Mon Jong or Mon Jong Mountain also in Top 10 for the highest hill in Thailand it’s called Hua Sing ( It’s look like Lion Head) which is peak of Omkoi forest about 1,929 meters from the sea level. The best highlights in Doi Mon Jong you will enjoy watching the beautiful sunrise and sunset that tourists can see delightful landscape filled with mountain ranges and grassland will full of gold glitter colours in the cool season during New Year.

In especially from December to January, Doi Mon Jongthere are filled with blossom of Rhododendron (Red Rose) that Doi Mon Jong will open in November – February 15th only and the visitors should take this trip about 2 days 1 night, you can get up to the hill by using 4WD and by walk.
Doi Mon Jong has a wonderful scenery – panorama it’s attracted the photographers who need best photographs in Northern Thailand.

Tips :
Doi Mon Jong does not have any facilities for tourists, the visitors should bring your own tents, food and warm clothes that on the hilltop it’s cold.

Location : Omkoi District, Chiang Mai Province.
How to get there :
Contract  Musoe Forest Protection Unit tel 66+ 1- 85 708 7441 or Buy tour packages for convenient to get up there.
(picture source : / travel.kapook)


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