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An Obsolete Shopping Place at Talad Bok Wiang Nakhon

Talad Bok Wiang Phra NaKhon

Visiting An Ancient shopping Place – Talad Bok Wiang Phra Nakhon

Talad Bok Wiang Phra Nakhon is located in On Nut area – Lat Krabang Road in Bangkok, it is a place boasting its true classical legend. Talad Bok Wiang Phra Nakhon is the first old-fashioned shopping and tourist place which can be seen while taking off from the Suvarnabhumi Airport. The capital markets have been created to blend with a contemporary mix of Eastern and Western architecture. It brings jollity to the glorious village from the past to the present, virtually all aspects of a trade, community life in the past. Extremely lively and  fun with special shows; one must visit Talad Bok Wiang Phra Nakhon. You will impress and like this ancient shopping place.

Location : Located on On Nut-Lat Krabang Road in Bangkok.
Getting there :  drive a car or take a taxi.
Open daily : from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.

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