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Bangkok’s Most Ironic Images! Check this out!

Any city has its unique snapshots, those pictures that instantly represent the soul of an urban personality – Bangkok

And few cities can have as many single photo opportunities that let you know instantly: “Hey, that dude is in Bangkok.”

Some are taken so often they’ve become clichéd, appearing on any given Facebook or Instagram stream relating to Bangkok travel.

But we’re not mocking. We’ve taken these photos too. Hundreds of them.

We’ve managed to narrow our favorites down to six, so that you too can enjoy the best tourist photo clichés Bangkok possesses.

1. Munching on bugs

Fried bugsTastes like chicken. But better. Some Bangkokians eat bugs, many don’t. No big deal.

But for a first-time traveler to Bangkok they’re a delight, something to shock and awe your friends back home with when you show them pictorial evidence that you mustered the courage to eat a fried scorpion.

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2. Buddhist monk in an unlikely setting

Buddhist monkTourists love to take photos of Bangkok’s saffron-robed monks, especially when they see them venturing away from the temple grounds to do something “normal.”

Maybe he’s topping up his mobile phone at Pantip plaza, or perhaps riding the Skytrain. The possibilities are endless.

These photos will usually be captioned with something pithy or philosophical, along the lines of “tradition meets modernity.”

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3. Sitting in a tuk-tuk

Tuk TukWhen you think of Bangkok, you probably think temples, tuk-tuks and nightlife.

So what could better depict your visit here than a shot of you actually sitting in of one of these wacky Thai vehicles that we all love to hate.

Better yet, get into the driver seat and pose, pretending you’re the one commandeering the three-wheeled annoyance down Bangkok’s traffic-filled streets.

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4. One night with a ladyboy

LadyboyUsually found in a Facebook photo album cleverly titled “One Night in Bangkok,” most tourists have snapped at least one picture of a sultry ladyboy.

Even the American hit TV show “Glee” paid tribute to Thailand’s world-renowned acceptance for the GLBT community, with the beloved Sue Sylvester saying: “Are you an Eve who was born a Steve? Because if you are, I think there’s a special school that would better address your needs. And I think that school is in Thailand.”

The best place to see Thailand’s drag queens in action is at the Calypso Cabaret, at Bangkok’s riverside Asiatique shopping and dining complex.


5. Wasted nights on Khao San Road

Khao San RoadPerhaps the most clichéd photo of all is the picture of a wide-eyed tourist standing below the bright lights of Thailand’s backpacker hangout Khao San Road with a goofy grin on his/her face, maybe clutching bottle of Chang beer. We’ve all been there.

Extra cliché points if you’re actually wearing a Chang beer t-shirt in the photo.

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6. Show Ronald some respect

Sawasdee KrubHardcore backpackers love to mock their counterparts who cave and slip into McDonald’s for a cheeseburger fix after dining on pad Thai for 30 days straight.

But whether or not they decide to stop in for a taste of home — sometimes with an Asian twist — few can pass up the chance to take a photo of the ubiquitous “wai’ing” Ronald outside many a Thai McDonald’s.

Best captioned with “East meets West” followed by a comment lamenting globalization.

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