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Thailand’s Original Snack – Khao Jee (Grilled sticky rice with egg)

Khao Jee

Try Traditional Snack – Khao Jee

Khao Jee is a local a kind of snack of the Northe of Thailand  featuring steamed sticky rice dipped into some beaten eggs then grilled or roasted it over charcoal fire. In the past, people made it from squeeze the rice by hand to form a tight ball which is then stabbed with a wooden stick before roasting. During the full moon of every fourth month, Khao Jee  is a popular snack to cook. Mainly used as a religious ceremony snack. Buddhist Sabbath which is also known as “than khao lon bath” or “than khao mai”.  khao chi and khao lam are made as part of the donations offering, which is called “than khao jee khao lam”. Khao Jee is not difficult to make and find ingredients. They are found in convenience stores or supermarkets. Khao Jee is also quite popular when sold with hawkers.

Ingredients :
- steamed sticky rice     ½ kilogram
- eggs                             4
- salt                              1/2 table spoon

Preparation :
- Mold the sticky rice in oval or round shapes, sprinkle with some salt
- Then stick with bamboo sticks.
- Beat the eggs with salt well
- Grill the sticky rice on the moderate heat, until it looks golden brown.
- Coat the rice with egg, the bring them to grill again until cook.
- While grilling, you need to turn the rice often. Please observe the colour.
- You may want to coat the rice with egg one or two more time, and grill the rice again until the egg cooked, and look golden brown.
- Serve “Khao Jee” as a snack or it can be a very good breakfast.

Benefit :
Sticky rice provides carbohydrate, and eggs give us protein. This recipe is good for breakfast. It can be compared to an energy bar in modern western world.

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