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Sightseeing through Spectacular Multi Colored Corals @ KOH HEA Island, Phuket


Koh Hae also known as the Coral Island is located in Southern Thailand, its situated in Phuket’s southeastern coast. The island is one popular tourist attraction in Phuket Province it’s about 10 kilometers from Phuket shore. you can take speedboat from Chalong it takes 15 minutes only or long trail boat around 45 minutes it’s very easy to reach the coral island for one day trip.

Koh HeaKoh Hae is just a small island and its surrounded by the beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear waters of the Andaman sea with multi-colored coral and because of it named ” Coral Island ” there is well known for shallow coral reefs and excellent snorkeling site near Phuket Island. There are also two nice beaches on the north side and a pleasant beach on the south side of the island that you can have a good relax. Moreover Koh Hae is quite a perfect place for tourist will enjoy a great swimming and snorkeling, relaxing on the beach and activities such as parasailing, jet ski, banana boats or sea walker.

Tips : Best time to visit there it’s during the dry season from November – Early May.
Location : Phuket Province
How to get there : by chartering a speed boat or hiring a long tail for one day trip from Chalong Pier or Rawai Beach in Phuket.
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