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The Outstanding Orange Color at Thanathon Orchard – Chiang Mai

Thanathon Orchard - Chiang Mai

The Beautiful Scenery at Thanathon Orchard – Chiang Mai

Thanathon Orchard is located in Chiang Mai’s Fang District. It has a big orchard best known for its quality. Thanathon Orchard is placed for to both forms of a  tourist attraction for locals. The orange orchard on the other hand possess many kinds of oranges. These include Seedless, Special Honey, Ocean Honey, Thanathon No.1 and etc. which bear fruits all the year especially in spring. Thanathon is surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery of the orchard because of the outstanding orange color with green leaves, so these made the orchard so beautiful and became popular places for visitor. Thanathon Orchard also has a guide tour, complete with tour-boat. The tour-boat had “Thanathon Orchard” jingles playing over the speakers. Thanathon Orchard has souvenir shop and an important thing do not miss is taste some fresh orange juice when you go visit Thanathon Orchard.

Location : Located in Fang district in Chiang Mai.
Getting there : By taxi
Open daily : from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Admission fee : 30 baht/person

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