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Learning Local Living at Cambodia Village

Out and Away from Temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Angkor Wat Temple draws millions of tourists a year and is located in a small city in Cambodia called Siem Reap. Angkor Archaeological Park consists of many temples in an enormous area of squares within squares, with Angkor Wat being the most famous. True to itself, it is a must-visit historical attraction but for some who are interested in searching the surrounding area, you will find that there are many places close by.

If you take the time and get out from touristy city center, just 30 minutes by car, along the national road is the Cambodian village of Kro Bei Riel. Both sides of the small road that takes you to the village are lined with green trees and rice fields.

This Cambodian village is not the same as The Cambodia Cultural Village (CCV) that some tourists know. This village is where locals have made their living working oxen on rice and corn fields. Real life situations of villagers who struggle even to find food to sustain the family. Many students from abroad come here as volunteers to help the village improve living conditions.Volunteers are able to work side by side with the locals and live in the village for as long as they are able to. A small school for little children is where you can try out your teaching skills; it somehow gives these children hope and dreams for the future. Also there are some other tours you can take to other nearby locations if your time allows.

This is a totally different experience for anyone that is used to the hustle and bustle of any major modern city.

This village is nothing like the Siem Reap city center.  Helping hands are still needed and appreciated. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Reach Out Volunteers. But tourists can also visit the village as well by reservation through many travel agents or through their hotels in Siem Reap.



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